WoW Report #7: The Pit of Saron

Blizzard have released the 3.3 patch on their test realms and I managed to get the chance to take a look-see. It seems that they are testing the content progressively. At the moment there are a few tweaks and additions but only one major content piece added – that being the Icecrown Citadel five player dungeon, The Pit of Saron.

Forming a quick group I jumped in and found Lady Jaina Proudmoore nearby, whom promptly helped tackle the first pack of mobs. We then battled amongst a heap of skeletons packs and found that we were freeing slaves, as we got closer to a boss I could see a large depression in the middle of the map (similar to ones found all over Icecrown) with the addition of a huge skull. The dungeon is called The Pit of Saron, I would think that this may have a connection with Yogg-Saron himself or the blood of the Old God. Eitherway the dungeon is set out like a huge excavation, gathering Saronite for resources I would imagine.

I won’t spoil the dungeon for you but there are three bosses and the run up to the last one is a nice little gauntlet run similar to (possibly combining elements of) dungeons/raids in the past.

At the point of testing there was no loot or music and it seemed that, while functional, it is still missing refinement and touch ups. We cleared the dungeon in normal mode and with pre-made characters. Here’s hoping for a good challenge come 3.3 in Heroic mode.

More as it is released.


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