WoW Report #6 “The Brood Mother Returns”

She had a good talking to herself and changed her gameplan.

Just like that, Onyxia the friendly deep-breathing dragon has returned in the form of level 80 content (up from level 60). In an update just deployed, players will have the chance to witness the sheer brilliance of what was all about dots, many whelps, a tail swipe and of course the lovable mostly working deep breath mechanic. The loot table from level 60 version has been updated to match current high end content as well yet keeping their same model from the old version for that almost retro feel.

In addition there is now a “a normal drake-sized 310% speed flying mount” for you to get excited about, and we are pretty sure that it will have an insanely low drop rate to then stomp on that excitement.

The encounter is available in a 10 and 25 raider mode and without hard modes from what I can see, but either way it’s a good boot to get some extra gear while experiencing a little piece of WoW nostalgia.

Oh and did I mention that come the 5th year anniversary of World of Warcraft, anyone who logs in will receive a free Onyxia Brood Whelping? No? Well you will and the cute little thing even goes for a deep breath or two and well.


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