WoW Report #5 “So Bones, you say you were elf before eh?”

The news of a major expansion has dominated the World of Warcraft waves for the past couple of weeks leading up to the ominous Blizzcon, and since then we’ve all returned to our homes, and backed up into the raids and are left wondering at what Blizzard have in store for us and more importantly, when.
With another major patch on the horizon and a recently released raid, dungeon and battle ground for us to mull over, amongst many other things, a new feature has been thrown upon us. It’s name, Faction Transfer.

Allowing anyone from the Alliance side to switch Factions in true turn-coat fashion, and Horde to Alliance of course, is something that I never thought I would see. But then I thought about all the arguments as to why it shouldn’t happen and to be honest it’s a bit silly. If someone is so passionately against this, it would make them that much more for their chosen side. If they are thinking of changing they probably were never for their chosen faction in the first place or had drifted off and wanted to try the other side. Fair enough I say and Blizzard are giving us that option now.
What I am interested in seeing, is how many people take up this option and how we may see shifts in guilds or realms (which I kinda hope Blizzard have taken into account, the see-saw isn’t fun if there’s 10 people on one end and a little lone gnome on the other side) and how this may affect our realm population distribution.
I didn’t see mention of it anywhere, but I also wonder what will happen to achievements and whether they will be partially reset or perhaps you receive the equivalent achievement on the other side.
Only time will tell I guess, but it’s an interesting time in the game and hopefully we aren’t that far off from finally being able to face Arthas and his undead gang there in Icecrown Citadel. They’ve promised an epic battle and here’s hoping we get one.
5/9/09 Update: Thanks to our friendly Anonymous commentator I’ve been informed that there is now a Faction Transfer page up on the official website that goes into further details about achievements, reputations, mounts and more. Site can be found here

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