WoW Report #2: Greener Pastures?

Recently I’ve found myself becoming progressively more distant with my guild. It’s not that I don’t like the people I fight alongside, it’s just that I think I may be getting a bit too old for them. Granted I believe I am a relic amongst the population of my realm and have thought that since I began my journey into Azeroth some two years ago, but I can’t help feel that there may be a better spot for me out there on the multitude of realms available.

I think it is partly the realm I am on, anytime I walk into a city area I can’t wait to leave. Trade chat is as obnoxious as its’ realm forum. I’m not sure when people starting becoming so self involved and really can’t understand why. But I’ve had enough of it and continually ignore trade chat and much of the realm shouldn’t be part of the game for me. Maybe it’s time the game masters were involved a little bit more in the going ons of realm channels as I am sure people have gone further and outright quit the game due to this nonsense.
Ideally I’d like to transfer an entire guild to another realm, but that is probably not possible and wouldn’t feel comfortable asking them to fork out their cash to move their character over. So here I am. Do I tell everyone it’s over and I want out? Do I persevere and make the guild what it should be? Strange thing that it sounds just like a relationship out there in the real world.
Well whatever I decide, it will be over a good old dose of Mario Galaxy. Cheers! 😉
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