WoW Report #1: Ulduar

Well our team is nearing the end of this little raid and about time to! There were so many “oooh” and “aaah” moments in the latter part of the raid that I needed to go back again just to have a look at it all once more.
Having said all that, oh man Vezax is being a ripe pain! You see, there is this mechanic during the encounter where he (General Vezax) will buff himself and hit VERY hard. So we thought we would try to run away from this and let him cool down as it were. The buff is meant to slow his speed down so there is enough time to dash away, but sometimes Vezax just wants to hug me and not let me go. Me being the tank, as much as I appreciate Vezax’s affection, I could do without the instant death and so could the raid.

At first I thought this might have just been a bug but it seemed to happen in the next couple of attempts as well. Sometimes he’d slow down sometimes not so much – he likes to wipe. Anyhow after a few attempts we thought we’d call it and leave it for the following week.
The great thing about a guild and dedicated raiders is their willingness to discuss and strategise for the following week. We ended up having a conversation lasting longer then our time spent on the actual boss which actually felt more fulfilling then being in the raid itself. Strange that.
This hasn’t just been restricted to Vezax either, it’s gone on throughout the entire raid and it makes me appreciate the people in the team even moreso. I like to put in a decent effort in preparing for each raid night and to see it reciprocated is an even better feeling then one shotting a raid full of bosses (well maybe that’s going a bit far, but a great feeling nonetheless). It’s what I like about MMO’s – in amongst the massive amount of players you’ll find a group that will just ‘work’ like mustard and sauce on a hot dog. I find this in WoW at the moment and in MMO’s previous and it always makes the game something more then the game itself.
Meanwhile back in Ulduar – I’ve got to say thumbs up and a nice nod of the head to the crew at Blizzard responsible. It has, perhaps, been the most challenging raid we have faced and in the struggle to get past encounter after encounter I can’t help but enjoy the content. I can only imagine what is coming for us in Patch 3.3 and beyond and do hope they take us to the next level in difficulty once again.
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