Transformers MMO in yo browsers

For about two months now I had been set on the idea of moving from World of Warcraft and onto Star Wars: The Old Republic when it arrives. It’s a big step, switching MMOs, and even moreso to find one that you are going to enjoy and commit yourself to. Star Wars is a favourite from childhood. But so is Transformers.

Recently I saw news of a Transformers MMO in development by┬áJagex Games Studio (one of the largest Indie game developers in the world) and heading our way in 2012. Interesting to say the least. As I read through the press release I was a little concerned when I saw “browser based MMO”. I have tried a browser based MMO with little luck in the past. It was an arcade experience to be truthful and after ten minutes I had my fair share. So I am concerned but having said that I look forward to what is on offer, and if being a browser based MMO will be a restriction or inhibitor on the entire package. There has been very little released from what I could dig up so hopefully that changes in the coming months and may change my plans for SWTOR (probably not, I’m a sucker for both). For now, however, enjoy the trailer below and let us know what you think.

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