To NoobTube or not to NoobTube

With the Call of Duty series and some other games, came the term known as Noob Tubing. What is it exactly you might ask? Well in a first person shooter there are weapons that come with a grenade launcher attachment. This attachment can easily be fired at the general vicinity of your target and allow yourself to score a kill, or two, possible three if you are a real jerk.

For most gamers it might not sound like a big deal, but for CoD (Call of Duty) players this an extremely touchy subject. On one side of the argument people say it is something used by only noobs that can not achieve kills using other conventional methods in the game. Where as others accept it as part of the game; they also congratulate players on perfectly aimed and timed shots.

The main reason for the haters, is the fact that you can get quite a large room for error when aiming at your target, and still successfully achieve a kill. It probably doesn’t help that in the latest installment, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, that the NoobTube attachment is the first attachment that can be unlocked on your weapons. It also comes default with your very first weapon, in a way to assist starting players to level up quicker with some easy kills.

Generally I do not use the attachment; I favor others such as the scope and rapid fire, but I also do not reject it completely and have to admit that getting fragged by it can be real annoying. It is a useful attachment that has its place in the game, unfortunately for those who do use it consistently, you will be branded a NoobTuber and also achieve the title unlock “NoobTuber” in multiplayer.

Love it or hate it, its here to stay and players will continue to use it.

About the Author

Nightshadow is an avid PC gamer, but occasionally strays off to the Xbox360 for some console action. Frequent writer for Gameolio - he has a strange obsession for uniquely flavored soft drinks such as Cherry Coke, Passion Fruit, and Buzz Monkey. Currently Playing: - Mafia II - Age of Conan - Red Dead Redemption