The World of PSN Home

The PSN was the first gaming network that I set up with my credit card and haven’t looked back since. It has a lot to offer and has a lot of nonsense, but the details of what you can get varies from country to country. What seems to remain constant across all PSN networks is Home, good or bad. There can be only one.

First off, Home, don’t bother, the only reason to go here is if you are into that whole Second Life mumble jumble. Once the install finishes you get to create a life like avatar with a selection of clothes and accessories. You are also given a apartment that you can decorate with images that you take with your PS Eye camera if you want. If this isn’t enough for you, you can spend real money on digital clothes, furniture and special areas. Wow, the excitement is intense, can you handle it!?

After you finish farting around with that you can explore game areas, social areas and themed areas. All of which have game or movie trailers, some little arcade game and just random things to interact with. Your avatar has a number of expressions to choose from, dancing, gestures,etc. But if you have a mic, you can just talk to people as you approach them. But don’t expect people to be any nicer here.

If you are girl avatar then be prepared to be surrounded by a bunch of male avatars looking to know your name and age and if you want to go and have a good time.

The gaming area is even lamer. There are areas that have bowling, pool and arcade machines. But you must wait for your turn, like in real life, to play. So if you enter the room and all the pool tables are being used, then you have to stand around and wait for someone to get finished before you can take your turn. This applies to all games this way. Why they did it this way, I honestly don’t have a clue, its absurd.

They say that they keep changing Home and adding new exciting things like doing special things in certain disc/DLC games that unlock items that you can use in Home – more areas to goof around in and better arcade games. My first experience was like this. I started up Home, got online and made my character, left my virtual apartment and walked into the common area. Walked around for 5 minutes and then left the game and uninstalled it.

But after hearing about the improvements, I downloaded Home again and this time tried it with a friend. This time I spent maybe 20-30 minutes there looking at all the areas and things to do. After that I left and uninstalled it again. Its not fun, I don’t get what people get out of  Home.

It’s been around 3 months since I last tried Home, which if I did want to use it, I have to download it again, but I think I have had my fill of Home. For me it really seems pointless, I don’t get it all. As a marketing stand point or as a promotional tool, Home just seems like a waste of space and time.

– Blake

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