The Splatters Review (XBLA)

In one of my previous reviews, on the game Fez, I mentioned how they used simple graphics in a very unique and interesting way. In contrast, the game Im talking about today, The Splatters, is a very interesting concept as well but uses high level graphics to create their worlds.

Created by SpikeySnail and published by Microsoft Studios, this puzzle game involves trying to accumulate as many stunts in a row on each level. This is achieved by blobs of paint of different colours that can be fired around the arena in order to try and destroy groups of combustible chains of the same colour.

By firing these blob characters around you can create a combo of stunts that add to your score. There are additional tricks that you can perform; these include changing the direction of the blob in mid air and reversing time to catch the ones that you missed, however, there are also obstacles in the way. Around the edges of the arena are sharp points that will burst your blob as it tries to find its intended target. These can sometimes be a help if you need to land in a particular area, but they can also spoil that perfect trajectory that you have spent so long trying to achieve.

This game reminds me a little of Puddle as you have to try and understand what the goo will do and how the external factors will effect the result. The Splatters is a challenging game and as you progress through the levels you find that you will need more and more combinations of the tricks in order to complete each level. There are three game modes to choose from, Talent, Master Shots and Combo Nation. Talent is where you learn all the tricks and get instructions on how to use them. The other two require you to complete the levels in a certain combination in order to finish. The latter two are certainly a challenge and adds to the longevity of the game.

There is however one thing that I think would have made this game even better and that is a multi-player option. The prospect of playing this with your friends while you frustratingly miss the last remaining blob for the fifth time would have been great.

The graphics are very good as I mentioned earlier, the colours are bold and there are nice clean lines. The detail of the blobs and the backgrounds are very well done and there is a nice satisfying splat effect when the blobs land.

Overall I thought the The Splatters was a very good game, it offers the chance for a lot of replay as the number and combination of stunts you can perform at each level can differ a lot. The graphics and sound are good and although you can easily get frustrated by the laws of physics, as an engineer once said “You can’t change them!”

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

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