The Guild Life: Uptopia

On my last entry I discussed my dilemma in finding a new guild after previously leaving one that I had lead for a number of years. While it was a challenge to sift through the amount of guilds out there, I found one that, on the surface, met my expectations. At first it was strange jumping into a new guild, especially one where you are willing to invest your time into. The situation would be similar to attending a party (in real life), not knowing anyone there and then attempting to strike up a conversation with a group of people/strangers whom are all close acquaintances amongst themselves. Not impossible, but quite daunting and awkward at first. My approach is typically the same, in both scenarios, get in and have a good listen/read. The guild chatter usually tells me quite quickly whether I am where I want to be. The last thing I wanted to be stuck in, is a guild full of free flowing caps lock conversations.

Le future, lets take a look shall we?

So upon first entry I liked what I saw, the guild seemed most welcoming and actually interested in my character and it’s origin. Typically in hardcore raiding guilds that would be the least of their concerns and the interest would lay in my ability to fulfill my role in the raid. The rest of it comes along over time but it is always secondary to the game. What I found here in this guild was the extreme opposite. While we were raiding and making some sort of progression, game wise, I found that the chatter over guild / vent became primary. It was fun and hilarious at times, but while it was going on I found that the time spent in game was more for a social chit chat humour-thon rather then having fun playing the game. While I am for the social aspect of gaming, I am there to play a game at the same rate. Otherwise we may as well be at a Pub sharing stories and having ye olde good times.

So after a good two months I decided that enough was enough. Time to leave, and look for something new. Or was it? What would I look for now? A guild that spends half the time socialising and half the time hardcore raiding? Perhaps a guild that can do both in a way that it will run concurrently? Or should I just recreate my old guild and instill the values and game type that I am after. I chose the latter.

Here we go again

It doesn’t feel like the easy path, but it could possibly be the most rewarding, and that is exactly the same thought process I had the first time I made a guild. It’s a pain to think that I may end up back where I did in the first post. But at the same time, being on a different realm with different people may gain a different result or it could be the exact same as last time. Could this be an endless loop? Is this too deep?

Either way, I was surprised to see familiar faces appear on the current realm and in a way inspired the decision. Hopefully I can achieve the balanced guild that I am looking for and if I don’t, well I could have a heck of a lot more to pour out into the next post. This brings me to my question:

At what point would you leave your current guild, if your not enjoying yourself wholly? Would it be that simple as dropping them and moving on or are you willing to stick it out in the hope that it would get better?

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