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  • Fable Heroes Review (XBLA)

    Fable Heroes Review (XBLA)

    When talking about spin-offs, be it games, television or movies, it’s usually a love it or hate it situation. There are those that believe spin-offs in total are a bad idea, but there have been a small number of successes. Despite this track record, I was keen to play¬†Fable Heroes, which is a break away […]

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  • Fez Review (XBLA)

    Fez Review (XBLA)

    One thing that seems to be a constant battle for game developers is to keep games original and fresh. At least in the sense that the idea and gameplay are new, or that it’s another take on an old idea. Some try to add complexity and detail with stunning graphics and an intricate storyline, or […]

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  • Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Review (XBLA)

    Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Review (XBLA)

    Being a huge fan of the Silent Hill and Resident Evil series I’ve always felt like it was my duty as a fan of Survival-Horror to step into the land of Bright Falls and explore what 2010’s Alan Wake had to offer. Silly me, I forgot all about it. Coupled together with a newborn arriving […]

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  • XBLA Review: Zeno Clash

    XBLA Review: Zeno Clash

    Zeno Clash has been a game of interest ever since I first saw it on Steam. The idea of melee in the first person and a combat system to support this commanded my attention. Previously playing, and enjoying, Mirror’s Edge I was interested to see how they tackled hand-to-hand combat up close and personal. While […]

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