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  • Gameolio Podcast #53: E3 After-Thoughts & Rented Server Rant-a-thon

    Gameolio Podcast #53: E3 After-Thoughts & Rented Server Rant-a-thon

    The gang convene once again, after extended break, to chit-chat about their thoughts on E3, Journey, Resident Evil releases, Battlefield 3 Rental Servers, old XBLA games and much much more! Tune in every second week as The Gameolio Podcast talks games and interesting related tidbits. If you would like to interact with the show and […]

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  • Fable Heroes Review (XBLA)

    Fable Heroes Review (XBLA)

    When talking about spin-offs, be it games, television or movies, it’s usually a love it or hate it situation. There are those that believe spin-offs in total are a bad idea, but there have been a small number of successes. Despite this track record, I was keen to play Fable Heroes, which is a break away […]

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  • Fez Review (XBLA)

    Fez Review (XBLA)

    One thing that seems to be a constant battle for game developers is to keep games original and fresh. At least in the sense that the idea and gameplay are new, or that it’s another take on an old idea. Some try to add complexity and detail with stunning graphics and an intricate storyline, or […]

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  • Realms of Ancient War – Hackin’ and a Slashin’

    Realms of Ancient War – Hackin’ and a Slashin’

    Recently I received word of an upcoming action RPG called Realms of Ancient War (aka R.A.W), being developed by Wizarbox for XBLA, PSN and the PC. More recently a new trailer has been released show casing the warrior that you can see below. With rough competition in the near future of hack ‘n’ slashers (i.e. […]

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  • Warp Review (XBLA)

    Warp Review (XBLA)

    The captive alien Warp’s his way onto Xbox LIVE There are a lot of good games on the Xbox LIVE Arcade, but not all of them grab your attention straight away or become highly addictive. This new game Warp definitely does both of those things. Now of course different things hold the attention of different […]

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  • Crysis Review (Xbox 360)

    Crysis Review (Xbox 360)

    Earlier on in the year gamers had the chance to suit-up and whoop some serious butt in the nano-suit V2.0. The unfortunate situation, for console gamers, was that while we could play Crysis 2 we may not have had the chance to actually try out the first game in the series (the then PC only […]

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  • XBLA Review: Super Street Fighter 2

    XBLA Review: Super Street Fighter 2

    The amount of days I spent visiting a local corner store that happened to be harbouring the immortal Street Fighter 2 arcade machine, goes into the high double digits at least and dare I say triple. I am not ashamed as I am sure a lot of you reading this would not be. It was […]

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