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  • Torchlight 2 Co-Op | #1 – Haven & Dan

    Torchlight 2 Co-Op | #1 – Haven & Dan

    Let’s Play Torchlight 2 Co-Op – Haven and Dan, from Gameolio, delve into the action RPG Torchlight! Both new to the game, we will be looking to tear through this one while collecting as much loot as possible! FYI Dan has a Panther named Barry.

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  • Review: Torchlight

    Review: Torchlight

    I was not expecting this. A couple days ago I was informed, by my informed brother-in-law, about a Diablo styled clone called Torchlight. At first I entertained the idea and took a peak at their site. There was a little bit here and there but nothing too much to catch my interest until I learnt […]

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