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  • Shank 2 Review (PC)

    Shank 2 Review (PC)

    You’ll need a controller I love beat-em-up/hack-n-slash games – I really do – so when I heard that Shank 2 was a beat-em-up, I was like ‘hell’s yeah I’m gonna play that game!’. I’ll just quickly mention here that I got it on Origin, and that I didn’t have a good first experience with it – […]

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  • Gameolio Podcast Ep 7: Co-Op Collection II

    Gameolio Podcast Ep 7: Co-Op Collection II

    Rich and Dan are joined by the one and only IdiotCat and continue their chat about co-operative games and Capcom arms. Discussion included: Gauntlet Double Dragon 2: The Revenge Captain Commando Final Fight Streets of Rage NBA Live NBA Jam Borderlands Left 4 Dead Strikers 1945 M.U.S.H.A Aleste Resident Evil 5 Co-op games that aren’t […]

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