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  • Reckoning: The Legend of Dead Kel DLC Review (PS3)

    Reckoning: The Legend of Dead Kel DLC Review (PS3)

    The newest DLC for Reckoning, The Legend of Dead Kel, presents itself as a completely new area occupying a huge chunk of space on the world map. The content is also as big as the area on the map. This DLC requires you to be on at least level 10 before you can attempt it, […]

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  • Mass Effect 3 Review (PS3)

    Mass Effect 3 Review (PS3)

    As massive shadows descend on the Earth, the world pauses to look up to the sky, only to see the hulking metallic figures of hundreds of the Reaper menace descending into the city. As they land they shake loose hundreds of crazed zombie-like infantry, while the enormous explosion of a nearby building marks the firing […]

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  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review (PS3)

    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review (PS3)

    Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning sets the scene in a land of turmoil where everyone is trying to survive in a kingdom under siege. You play as a character who against all odds, returned from death due to an experiment being carried out in an underground lab. None of the subjects had been able to achieve […]

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  • Dark Souls Review (PS3)

    Dark Souls Review (PS3)

    When the spiritual successor to From Software’s Demon’s Souls was announced, I may have drooled a little.  Well, maybe more than a little. You see, Demon’s Souls (2009/2010) is quite easily one of my favourite games of all time. Its lurid siren song called to me at a time when I was becoming increasingly frustrated […]

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  • Dragon Age 2 Demo Play – Xbox 360

    Dragon Age 2 Demo Play – Xbox 360

    I haven’t played Dragon Age: Origins to be quite upfront. But, having heard that Dragon Age 2 had just hit the Xbox 360 in demo form I wasted little time hitting the download button. My reluctance to play the original came from an amount of time spent not playing it. You know how it goes, […]

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  • Video: The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings

    Video: The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings

    Sequel to the multi-award winning The Witcher, comes the official trailer of the next installment of this visually impressive RPG. Click below to check it out, and if you haven’t already be sure to try the first game out. Nightshadow has posted a review previously on the The Witcher.

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  • Review: Aion

    Review: Aion

    A while back I did a preview article on Aion, the next MMO with potential, and today I bring you the review of this massively multi-player online game. It has been a month since I received my copy of Aion, and I have been adventuring through the lands of Atreia since. Granted, most of that […]

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  • Review: The Witcher

    Review: The Witcher

    The game was released in October 2007 and slipped under the radar with not many taking notice of this gem. It was then re-released a year later as an enhanced version with bonus material and this is when we woke up and saw how great this game really is. As I have been recently graced […]

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