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  • Killzone 3 Review (PS3)

    Killzone 3 Review (PS3)

    Since the release of the original Killzone on ps2 back in 2004, the series has constantly delivered a sci-fi first person shooter well known for its visually impressive environments, and Killzone 3, the newest installment, is no exception. Taking place on the Helghast home-world, the outstanding landscapes serve to create a harsh and alien setting […]

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  • DC Universe Online Review (PS3)

    DC Universe Online Review (PS3)

    MMO’s seem to be a rapidly filling genre, with more and more being released every year. Even the ones that are already around are constantly being updated, expanded and added to in an effort to keep players playing, and to attract new players to the title. The problem with MMO’s however, is that they tend […]

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  • PS3 Review: The Sly Collection

    PS3 Review: The Sly Collection

    Long before developer Sucker Punch came out with inFAMOUS, they spun us the tale of a thieving raccoon and his friends as they travel across the world stealing things, while saving the world from certain disaster. The journey was told in three parts Sly Raccoon, Sly 2: Band of Thieves and finally Sly 3: Honor […]

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  • PS3 Review: Gran Turismo 5

    PS3 Review: Gran Turismo 5

    In the year 1997 the developers Polyphony Digital created a racing simulator called Gran Turismo, which married a traditional racing game with the addition of variables such as fuel consumption, tire types and suspension and engine tuning. The result is arguably one of the most influential series of racing games ever to be released, having […]

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  • Review: Bioshock 2

    Review: Bioshock 2

    From the moment that I heard that a sequel to Bioshock was in the works I felt that strange mix of apprehension and excitement. Could a sequel to one of the greatest games ever hope to deliver on all the expectations that come with just mentioning the original? And what if it can’t? And so, […]

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