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  • White Knight Chronicles II Review (PS3)

    White Knight Chronicles II Review (PS3)

    White Knight Chronicles II picks up where the first story left us. The world is now under the threat of a raging war that promised to end all things. Most of the original gang returns once again in an attempt to thwart an evil plan that continues in the second game. Veterans of the first […]

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  • Gameolio Podcast Ep 31: Great Job Jeremy

    Gameolio Podcast Ep 31: Great Job Jeremy

    Tune in every second week as The Gameolio Podcast casually talks about games, casually, once again. If you would like to interact with the show and drop us some feedback or perhaps a question/contribution to the show please drop us an email: gameolio at gameolio dot com. You can now also drop in and join us […]

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  • White Knight Chronicles Review (PS3)

    White Knight Chronicles Review (PS3)

    Technically speaking, White Knight Chronicles is an old game. It was first released in Japan in 2008 but didn’t arrive on the western shores until 2010. It is a Sony exclusive JRPG put together by the folks at the famed Level 5 Inc. (Dark Cloud, Dragon Quest VIII and IX, Professor Layton series and Rogue […]

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  • Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Review (PS3)

    Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Review (PS3)

    Once upon a time, there was a rogue who was raised by animals after a prosperous kingdom perished. Guided by the voice of his animal companions, he arrived at an ancient ruin looking for treasures. Little did he know that this fateful encounter is just the beginning of an exciting journey ahead. The premise of […]

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  • Killzone 3 Review (PS3)

    Killzone 3 Review (PS3)

    Since the release of the original Killzone on ps2 back in 2004, the series has constantly delivered a sci-fi first person shooter well known for its visually impressive environments, and Killzone 3, the newest installment, is no exception. Taking place on the Helghast home-world, the outstanding landscapes serve to create a harsh and alien setting […]

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  • PS3 Review: Little Big Planet 2

    PS3 Review: Little Big Planet 2

    Without a doubt the first Little Big Planet helped define the PS3 in the current generation. Its aesthetics and it customisation gameplay have sparked off a number of similar games across different consoles. At that time Media Molecule was adamant that they did not want to make a sequel unless there were elements that they […]

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  • Killzone 3 Launch Event @ Sydney, Australia

    Killzone 3 Launch Event @ Sydney, Australia

    This past week the highly anticipated Killzone 3 was released to the PS3 masses. On Tuesday 22nd, an event was held by Sony to kick off the FPS shooter and put the attendees through a ‘boot camp’ of sorts. Check out the video from Playstation Australia below:

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  • PSP2/NGP Thoughts

    PSP2/NGP Thoughts

    Ooookay, so the new portable entertainment system from Sony has been announced. It doesn’t have a name yet, it’s codename is ‘NGP’ – Next Generation Portable and should be out at the end of this year. Now, I’m just going to say it, I am excited for this thing and what it can possibly do […]

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  • Let’s get it Moving!

    Let’s get it Moving!

    Without a doubt both Kinect and Move were designed to ride on the success of the Wiimote to cash in on motion controls. Between them, Move looks a lot more like the Wiimote as compared to Kinect’s gesture sensing approach. So let’s take a look at some of the launch games that Move offered to […]

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  • PS3 Review: The Sly Collection

    PS3 Review: The Sly Collection

    Long before developer Sucker Punch came out with inFAMOUS, they spun us the tale of a thieving raccoon and his friends as they travel across the world stealing things, while saving the world from certain disaster. The journey was told in three parts Sly Raccoon, Sly 2: Band of Thieves and finally Sly 3: Honor […]

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