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  • Future Battlefields and Warfare

    Future Battlefields and Warfare

    Recently we have seen a surge in first person shooter games when not so long ago it looked like a one way street towards extinction. The recent trend in part is greatly attributed to major titles such as BattleField: Bad Company 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and their predecessors before. Of course […]

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  • Review: Aliens Vs. Predator

    Review: Aliens Vs. Predator

    In 1999 Rebellion developed what became a classic amongst First Person Shooter fans, and this title was known as Aliens versus Predator. Since then we have seen several motion picture releases in similar fashion, bringing the world of Aliens together with Predators. After 10 years, Rebellion are back with Sega, and have released a new […]

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  • Review: Dragon Age – Origins

    Review: Dragon Age – Origins

    Having some much deserved time off from work over the Christmas break has allowed me to catch up on playing a lot of missed games, and one of those games was Dragon Age – Origins. Bioware, who do not believe in holidays, have been very busy as of late, working on some big-name games including […]

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  • Review: Aion

    Review: Aion

    A while back I did a preview article on Aion, the next MMO with potential, and today I bring you the review of this massively multi-player online game. It has been a month since I received my copy of Aion, and I have been adventuring through the lands of Atreia since. Granted, most of that […]

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  • Preview: The Secret World

    Preview: The Secret World

    Having come across the news of this games existence some months back I had always meant to look at this one further, but for reasons known to me (World of Warcraft) I had completely forgotten about it, until now. The Secret World is the latest massively multi-player online game under development by Funcom. This is […]

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  • Preview: Aion

    Preview: Aion

    The release date is approaching for when Aion (pronounced i-on) will be set loose to North America, Europe and Australia but this is not the first time this game was released. Aion has been out for quite some time in South Korea when it was released in November 2008. The game had been so successful […]

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