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  • The Dark Art of the Black Panties

    The Dark Art of the Black Panties

    A friend of mine is playing a new RPG called ‘Time and Eternity’. The concept was very interesting – a wedding was interrupted due to an assassination, and as the bride, the player needs to go back in time, again and again, to foil the assassination plot and, well, get married. During the game you […]

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  • Buying Big in America

    Buying Big in America

    It’s day x for my trip in the States. From Burlington, Vermont to San Francisco, California, my shopping spree for games has not quite ended. Why? Simply because choices were abundant and prices were ridiculously low. It has long been an issue that Australian gamers have been paying too much for their games. In Australia […]

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  • Plunging into the Netherworld of Disgaea

    Plunging into the Netherworld of Disgaea

    Ai-Phuong and I have been talking about the Disgaea series many a time in The Gameolio Podcast with Dan and Rich, not to mention the new RPG! RPG! podcast. So listeners will know that we are very passionate about this series. Disgaea is one of the few third-party series that remained loyal to the Playstation brand […]

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