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  • Video: Guild Wars 2

    Video: Guild Wars 2

    I’ve been out of the loop for a couple of weeks due to the arrival of my Son, and so it looks like I had missed out on this video when it was first available. But finally, it looks like the gears are in motion at last and we are due to see some Guild […]

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  • Preview: Aion

    Preview: Aion

    The release date is approaching for when Aion (pronounced i-on) will be set loose to North America, Europe and Australia but this is not the first time this game was released. Aion has been out for quite some time in South Korea when it was released in November 2008. The game had been so successful […]

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  • Preview: Guild Wars 2

    Preview: Guild Wars 2

    Less then a day of the announcement of the latest World of Warcraft expansion I stumbled across the latest entry into the Guild Wars universe. Guild Wars 2 has finally fronted up and posted out a trailer of their upcoming sequel to their popular and famously zero-monthly fee online RPG. Details for the moment still […]

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