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  • The Guild Life: Uptopia

    The Guild Life: Uptopia

    On my last entry I discussed my dilemma in finding a new guild after previously leaving one that I had lead for a number of years. While it was a challenge to sift through the amount of guilds out there, I found one that, on the surface, met my expectations. At first it was strange […]

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  • The Guild Life: What are you looking for?

    The Guild Life: What are you looking for?

    So several podcasts ago I briefed upon an issue with my guild life. The basic rundown is that I was the leader of a small raid-focused guild in the popular game, World of Warcraft, and that I no longer had the time to invest into maintaining the guild – this would include keeping up with […]

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  • Video: Guild Wars 2

    Video: Guild Wars 2

    I’ve been out of the loop for a couple of weeks due to the arrival of my Son, and so it looks like I had missed out on this video when it was first available. But finally, it looks like the gears are in motion at last and we are due to see some Guild […]

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  • Review: Aion

    Review: Aion

    A while back I did a preview article on Aion, the next MMO with potential, and today I bring you the review of this massively multi-player online game. It has been a month since I received my copy of Aion, and I have been adventuring through the lands of Atreia since. Granted, most of that […]

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  • Preview: The Secret World

    Preview: The Secret World

    Having come across the news of this games existence some months back I had always meant to look at this one further, but for reasons known to me (World of Warcraft) I had completely forgotten about it, until now. The Secret World is the latest massively multi-player online game under development by Funcom. This is […]

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  • Preview: Aion

    Preview: Aion

    The release date is approaching for when Aion (pronounced i-on) will be set loose to North America, Europe and Australia but this is not the first time this game was released. Aion has been out for quite some time in South Korea when it was released in November 2008. The game had been so successful […]

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