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  • The Secret World Gameplay Part 6 – They Never Stop Coming – Let’s Play Playthrough

    The Secret World Gameplay Part 6 – They Never Stop Coming – Let’s Play Playthrough

    Meet Norma Creed; proving age does not get in the way of being an absolute zombie blastin’ bad ass! But she may need a little hand in said zombie blastin’ as they never stop coming… never stop coming.

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  • ArcheAge Gameplay Part 5 – The Cresent Throne

    ArcheAge Gameplay Part 5 – The Cresent Throne

    We’ve made it to the Crescent Throne! General Govannon invites us to take a rowboat and join in with the fight against the Bloodhands in a battle by the bay with Officer Chloe.

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  • Neocron | #1 – Have a Nice Day

    Neocron | #1 – Have a Nice Day

    Dan, from Gameolio, returns to the world of Neocron (Cyberpunk MMOFPS) after a long hiatus. Starting from character creation, with the goal of riding around in a jeep or Rhino to destroy all Warbots against the post-apocalyptic landscape.

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  • Rift Review (PC) Dec ’11

    Rift Review (PC) Dec ’11

    There is a nagging sense of deja vu whenever I play any massively multiplayer online game. Quests begin to feel the same after a while, and I begin to wonder why it is that NPC’s can’t possibly handle some of these tasks themselves. And this feeling remains from MMO to MMO, which often gives a […]

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  • Transformers MMO in yo browsers

    Transformers MMO in yo browsers

    For about two months now I had been set on the idea of moving from World of Warcraft and onto Star Wars: The Old Republic when it arrives. It’s a big step, switching MMOs, and even moreso to find one that you are going to enjoy and commit yourself to. Star Wars is a favourite […]

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  • DC Universe Online Review (PS3)

    DC Universe Online Review (PS3)

    MMO’s seem to be a rapidly filling genre, with more and more being released every year. Even the ones that are already around are constantly being updated, expanded and added to in an effort to keep players playing, and to attract new players to the title. The problem with MMO’s however, is that they tend […]

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  • Rift – First Impressions Video

    Rift – First Impressions Video

    Dan takes you around Gloamwood (20+ area) in Rift as he gives his first impressions on the game. Video and audio sequence was recorded in one continuous shot.

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  • The Guild Life: Generations

    The Guild Life: Generations

    Soon after toppling over the old Lich King, in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, the guild took a break, and eventually half the team broke away to continue raiding with other guilds. It didn’t sadden me so much at the departure, but it was the end of an era in the guild’s […]

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  • The Guild Life: Broken Sword

    The Guild Life: Broken Sword

    Last night we dropped ourselves a Lich King. It’s been awhile since my last The Guild Life entry and for good reason – that being the Icecrown Citadel raid. While it has been out for a decent length of time now (try 2009!) we had only begun chipping away at the bosses, as the newly […]

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  • The Guild Life: Uptopia

    The Guild Life: Uptopia

    On my last entry I discussed my dilemma in finding a new guild after previously leaving one that I had lead for a number of years. While it was a challenge to sift through the amount of guilds out there, I found one that, on the surface, met my expectations. At first it was strange […]

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