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  • Fable Heroes Review (XBLA)

    Fable Heroes Review (XBLA)

    When talking about spin-offs, be it games, television or movies, it’s usually a love it or hate it situation. There are those that believe spin-offs in total are a bad idea, but there have been a small number of successes. Despite this track record, I was keen to play Fable Heroes, which is a break away […]

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  • The Splatters Review (XBLA)

    The Splatters Review (XBLA)

    In one of my previous reviews, on the game Fez, I mentioned how they used simple graphics in a very unique and interesting way. In contrast, the game Im talking about today, The Splatters, is a very interesting concept as well but uses high level graphics to create their worlds. Created by SpikeySnail and published […]

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  • South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge Review (XBLA)

    South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge Review (XBLA)

    Even if you have never watched the show, most people will be familiar with South Park. The group of characters and their distinctive animation are everywhere and they continue to attract great interest. This game South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge is a 2D platform game that takes its cues from some well known games from the past. Developed […]

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