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  • Killzone 3 Review (PS3)

    Killzone 3 Review (PS3)

    Since the release of the original Killzone on ps2 back in 2004, the series has constantly delivered a sci-fi first person shooter well known for its visually impressive environments, and Killzone 3, the newest installment, is no exception. Taking place on the Helghast home-world, the outstanding landscapes serve to create a harsh and alien setting […]

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  • Killzone 3 Launch Event @ Sydney, Australia

    Killzone 3 Launch Event @ Sydney, Australia

    This past week the highly anticipated Killzone 3 was released to the PS3 masses.¬†On Tuesday 22nd, an event was held by Sony to kick off the FPS shooter and put the attendees through a ‘boot camp’ of sorts. Check out the video from Playstation Australia below:

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