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  • Metal Gear Rising – Make It Right “Arm” Teaser Trailer

    Metal Gear Rising – Make It Right “Arm” Teaser Trailer

    Last night Konami released a brand new teaser trailer for the reconfigured Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance game. Full of whizzes, buzzes and cryptic imagery and information the trailer had me wondering – do live action cutscenes have a place in video games today? However, the trailer is here and linked below for your viewing pleasure. […]

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  • Puddle Review (XBLA)

    Puddle Review (XBLA)

    Every drop counts with this fabulous fluid flowing game. There are some games where the idea is very simple, but the way the game is executed and the graphics take it to an even higher level, that is the case with this new game called Puddle. Available on Xbox Live Arcade [XBLA] for the Xbox […]

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  • Fight Zombies with Jeremy from Pure Pwnage

    Fight Zombies with Jeremy from Pure Pwnage

    Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone Only recently learning of this upcoming title, from Backbone Entertainment (published by Konami), I was super surprised and excited to hear that it will feature none other than ‘Teh_Pwnerer’ himself, Jeremy from the hit web-series Pure Pwnage. Apparently Jarett Cale (whom plays Jeremy) and Geoff Lapaire (played Jeremy’s brother in […]

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  • Review: Silent Hill Homecoming

    Review: Silent Hill Homecoming

    This is my favourite series, I love all things Silent Hill (although I haven’t played Origins…. yet!) and once every couple of years I get to go through the ritual of sitting on the couch with the lights off and the sound cranked up in the middle of the night for maximum effect. Now perhaps […]

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