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  • Crysis Review (Xbox 360)

    Crysis Review (Xbox 360)

    Earlier on in the year gamers had the chance to suit-up and whoop some serious butt in the nano-suit V2.0. The unfortunate situation, for console gamers, was that while we could play Crysis 2 we may not have had the chance to actually try out the first game in the series (the then PC only […]

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  • Killzone 3 Review (PS3)

    Killzone 3 Review (PS3)

    Since the release of the original Killzone on ps2 back in 2004, the series has constantly delivered a sci-fi first person shooter well known for its visually impressive environments, and Killzone 3, the newest installment, is no exception. Taking place on the Helghast home-world, the outstanding landscapes serve to create a harsh and alien setting […]

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  • Homefront Review (Xbox 360)

    Homefront Review (Xbox 360)

    ‘Home is where the war is’ – welcome to the US, and potentially your own backyard, as you take up arms to fight against a new kind of invading force. The concept of an invasion on home soil isn’t new but it typically takes the form of an alien force. This time around your enemy […]

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  • Battlefield 3 Intel Brief

    Battlefield 3 Intel Brief

    Nightshadow, from Gameolio, takes you on a tour of the upcoming Battlefield 3 with highlights on many of the games attributes.

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  • Xbox 360 Review: Dead Space 2

    Xbox 360 Review: Dead Space 2

    Note: This review of Dead Space 2 is based solely on the single player campaign. I have several favourite genres in the gaming world but none more so then survival horror. If you’re a fan of playing a game in the right environment then as a survival horror lover you’ll know it’s paramount to play […]

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  • Future Battlefields and Warfare

    Future Battlefields and Warfare

    Recently we have seen a surge in first person shooter games when not so long ago it looked like a one way street towards extinction. The recent trend in part is greatly attributed to major titles such as BattleField: Bad Company 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and their predecessors before. Of course […]

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  • XBLA Review: Zeno Clash

    XBLA Review: Zeno Clash

    Zeno Clash has been a game of interest ever since I first saw it on Steam. The idea of melee in the first person and a combat system to support this commanded my attention. Previously playing, and enjoying, Mirror’s Edge I was interested to see how they tackled hand-to-hand combat up close and personal. While […]

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  • The Life Of The FPS Genre, and Where Is It Heading?

    The Life Of The FPS Genre, and Where Is It Heading?

    Today we take a trip down memory lane and visit the ghosts of old. We explore where it all started and why this genre in gaming became so successful, and finally where we are heading with First-Person-Shooters in the future. The birth As any avid gamer would know; it all started back in 1992 when […]

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