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  • Fight Zombies with Jeremy from Pure Pwnage

    Fight Zombies with Jeremy from Pure Pwnage

    Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone Only recently learning of this upcoming title, from Backbone Entertainment (published by Konami), I was super surprised and excited to hear that it will feature none other than ‘Teh_Pwnerer’ himself, Jeremy from the hit web-series Pure Pwnage. Apparently Jarett Cale (whom plays Jeremy) and Geoff Lapaire (played Jeremy’s brother in […]

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  • Spotlight: Pure Pwnage

    Spotlight: Pure Pwnage

    Perhaps you’ve missed it, perhaps you’ve never noticed it, perhaps you’ve never even heard of it. Madness I tells you, however, Pure Pwnage is one of those Internet sensations that works. By works I mean it hits all the right levels for most of any gamer out there. It’s entertaining, hilarious and down-right fun to […]

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