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  • Eorzea: A Year On | Final Fantasy 14

    Eorzea: A Year On | Final Fantasy 14

      It’s been just over a year in Eorzea. During this period, much has been achieved for a new adventurer like me who had never played an MMORPG before. I started as a newbie Conjurer who conjures elements of the nature to heal my allies. It hasn’t been an easy journey and I nearly gave […]

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  • Final Fantasy XIV

    Final Fantasy XIV

    Have been putting off writing the review for Final Fantasy XIV for quite a while after the disappointment with the initial release. Square Enix was determined to make it right so it restructured the development team and gave us a round two product with the subtitle “A Realm Reborn”. So did it manage to rebound? […]

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  • Final Fantasy – Where is it going?

    Final Fantasy – Where is it going?

    The news of the Final Fantasy XIV development team restructuring and Square-Enix slashing profit forecast by 92% came as a shock-wave to the gaming industry. Surely team restructuring and changes in profit forecast are not new in the gaming industry. But citing the failure of a flag ship franchise title because it bombed beyond expectation […]

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