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  • Gameolio Podcast Ep 39: Finish Them

    Gameolio Podcast Ep 39: Finish Them

    Tune in every second week as The Gameolio Podcast casually talks about games, casually, once again. If you would like to interact with the show and drop us some feedback or perhaps a question/contribution to the show please drop us an email: gameolio at gameolio dot com. You can now also drop in and join us […]

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  • DC Universe Online Review (PS3)

    DC Universe Online Review (PS3)

    MMO’s seem to be a rapidly filling genre, with more and more being released every year. Even the ones that are already around are constantly being updated, expanded and added to in an effort to keep players playing, and to attract new players to the title. The problem with MMO’s however, is that they tend […]

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