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  • Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle Review (PS3)

    Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle Review (PS3)

    There is no doubt that Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle is a fan service. For those who do not know the franchise, it is a very popular Japanese anime series centring on a group of young Saints fighting along with Goddess Athena to protect the world from evil threats. The premise is straight forward and a […]

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  • Resident Evil: Retribution Review

    Resident Evil: Retribution Review

      The story of ‘Retribution’ continues where it left off in the last movie, ‘After Life’. Alice continues her perpetual fight against the Umbrella Corporation and fights her way through hordes and hordes of enemies. If you haven’t been following the movie series, the Resident Evil movies are only loosely based on the video games. […]

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  • EB Games Expo 2012 Rundown

    EB Games Expo 2012 Rundown

    EB Games Expo is one of the rare gaming related events that is actually held, locally, in Australia. Last year it was held in Gold Coast, but this year Sydney-siders have the privilege of being able to attend the event at Olympic Park. The weekend of 5 Oct to 7 Oct will be all about […]

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  • Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Review (Vita)

    Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Review (Vita)

    ‘Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together’ is a mouthful of a title for a tactics RPG with cutesy characters marching along with rhythm on isometric maps. However, the game went beyond its cutesy visage and explores the darkest sides of morality in the time of war. Three young people (two siblings and a childhood friend) […]

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  • War of the Human Tanks Preview (PC)

    War of the Human Tanks Preview (PC)

    War of the Human Tanks is a tactics RPG brought to us by Fruitbat Factory. The premise is very straightforward. Two kingdoms are at war. The weapon of choice? Cute female humanoid soldiers crafted for war – the human tanks. Human tanks come in all shapes and sizes and they perform different functions like a […]

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  • Buying Big in America

    Buying Big in America

    It’s day x for my trip in the States. From Burlington, Vermont to San Francisco, California, my shopping spree for games has not quite ended. Why? Simply because choices were abundant and prices were ridiculously low. It has long been an issue that Australian gamers have been paying too much for their games. In Australia […]

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  • Project Zero 2 Review (Wii)

    Project Zero 2 Review (Wii)

    With no signs of Project Zero 4, on Wii, coming to the West it was quite a surprise to see the Tecmo cult-horror, Project Zero 2, being released on this aging platform. Project Zero 2 was originally released on PS2 back in 2004, and was lauded as one of the scariest games on the system. […]

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  • Plunging into the Netherworld of Disgaea

    Plunging into the Netherworld of Disgaea

    Ai-Phuong and I have been talking about the Disgaea series many a time in The Gameolio Podcast with Dan and Rich, not to mention the new RPG! RPG! podcast. So listeners will know that we are very passionate about this series. Disgaea is one of the few third-party series that remained loyal to the Playstation brand […]

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  • The Dream Machine Review (PC/MAC)

    The Dream Machine Review (PC/MAC)

    The Dream Machine is an independent game, developed by Cockroach Inc. and available via Steam, and it had been a finalist for a lot of independent game awards. The game has five chapters, but chapters are released according to their completion schedule. The game is a point and click adventure where you uncover secrets of […]

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  • Reckoning: Teeth of Naros DLC Review (PS3)

    Reckoning: Teeth of Naros DLC Review (PS3)

    Teeth of Naros is the latest DLC for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning adding another, completely new, area to the world. You continue to play as your fateless hero in this DLC. Once installed, there will be a new quest available notifying you that someone needs to put together a crew to investigate a place that […]

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