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  • RPG! RPG! Podcast 10: Fricken Dragon Boat

    RPG! RPG! Podcast 10: Fricken Dragon Boat

    Welcome to the RPG! RPG! Podcast, featuring Ai-Phuong and Haven. The show is concerned with with the ancient art of role-playing (game) and the hosts vow to take you on a journey across lands both familiar and perhaps undiscovered. So, kick back and feel free to join in the discussion below as the pair discuss […]

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  • Eorzea – A Year On

    Eorzea – A Year On

      It’s been just over a year in Eorzea. During this period, much has been achieved for a new adventurer like me who had never played an MMORPG before. I started as a newbie Conjurer who conjures elements of the nature to heal my allies. It hasn’t been an easy journey and I nearly gave […]

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  • Wii Does Not Owe U

    Wii Does Not Owe U

    It is not a secret that Nintendo Wii U is not doing well. Wii ignited the gaming market but its successor took a U-turn on its fortune. There were a lot of schools offering their expertise on why Wii U is doing poorly. Nintendo could no longer hide it in its earning reports. Third parties […]

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  • The Dark Art of the Black Panties

    The Dark Art of the Black Panties

    A friend of mine is playing a new RPG called ‘Time and Eternity’. The concept was very interesting – a wedding was interrupted due to an assassination, and as the bride, the player needs to go back in time, again and again, to foil the assassination plot and, well, get married. During the game you […]

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  • Soul Sacrifice Review (Vita)

    Soul Sacrifice Review (Vita)

    Soul Sacrifice is a very interesting concept – how much would you sacrifice to achieve victory? Incubated by Keiji Inafune, the person behind the Megaman series, Soul Sacrifice took you to a realm where Sorcerers were employed to rid the world of monsters consumed by their own weaknesses. You begin the game as a prisoner […]

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  • The 180 Turn of Xbox One Policy

    The 180 Turn of Xbox One Policy

    Today’s dramatic reversal of Xbox One’s policy from Microsoft was something that most people did not see coming. Microsoft has been bullish about its policy on the always online and Digital Right Management (DRM) aspects of their new home console Xbox One since the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Justifying its position, Microsoft claimed that “Internet […]

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  • Capricious Thoughts on E3 2013

    Capricious Thoughts on E3 2013

    With the preliminary showdown at E3 between Sony and Microsoft done and dusted, analysts and critics alike have poured in for their verdicts. While Nintendo has shied away from a flashy pre-conference, its Nintendo Direct broadcast from Kyoto still managed to cause some stir with the new Cat Mario. So really, what is happening with […]

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  • Tales of Graces f Review (PS3)

    Tales of Graces f Review (PS3)

    Tales of Graces f is the 12th main title in the Tales series (although some might not count Tales of Legendia and Tales of Innocence as part of them as they were not developed by the Tales Studio). Despite having such a long history, for some reason this JRPG series from Bandai Namco has never […]

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  • Evil in the Residence: Where to Now Capcom?

    Evil in the Residence: Where to Now Capcom?

    Capcom just announced another title update to Resident Evil 6 that will be effective in late January. This is the second title update to the much criticised and lowly scored game. In the last update, Capcom made the Ada Wong campaign, which originally needed to be unlocked after finishing all other three campaigns, available right […]

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  • Resident Evil 6 Review (PS3)

    Resident Evil 6 Review (PS3)

    I have been holding off reviewing Resident Evil 6. The main reason behind this was that there were a lot of expectations after Resident Evil 4 and 5, and the game did look promising from all the promos and demos. Yes I did use the word “did” because all in all Resident Evil 6 did […]

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