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  • The Night of the Rabbit Review (PC)

    The Night of the Rabbit Review (PC)

    After a long summer day In a place no far away, A boy named Jeremiah Hazelnut was tucked in bed To dream of the dream he always had. Every night to his mother Jerry did say “I want to be a magician on day!” And each night she would reply – as mothers do – […]

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  • Chaos on Deponia Review (PC)

    Chaos on Deponia Review (PC)

    So, here we are again, with Rufus our lazy, egotistical dreamer in Chaos on Deponia, the second installment of the Deponia series by Daedalic Entertainment. If you had played the first game Deponia, then you’ll remember that it ended in a bit of a cliffhanger; Chaos on Deponia starts right where it left off. If […]

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  • Deponia Review (PC)

    Deponia Review (PC)

    Meet Rufus, the protagonist of this point-and-click adventure. He’s a lazy, egotistical, self-centered dreamer (emphasis on dreamer, as you can see) who thinks he will make it big and get out of his junkyard homeworld. He constantly makes dangerous plans which involve launching himself high enough into the sky to attach to a passing dump truck […]

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