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  • Diablo III – Hell vs You… Again!

    Diablo III – Hell vs You… Again!

    I’m just going to admit straight up that a lot of hours in my short lifetime have been used up playing Diablo and Diablo II. Just saying. Ok, stop laughing! If you’re wondering, Diablo is an action-RPG PC game where you control one character and fight against the hordes of Hell all on your own. […]

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  • Preview: Starcraft 2

    Preview: Starcraft 2

    It’s almost here and the anticipation is unbearable. One of the greatest strategy games ever is coming back again for a sequel, but can it bring more to the table than its predecessor? Starcraft 2 is what I’ll be covering today so sit back as we go through what to expect from this reincarnation of […]

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