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  • Is Fat Princess Still Getting Fed?

    Is Fat Princess Still Getting Fed?

    Fat Princess has been out for quite some time now and most everyone has heard something about this quaint little title – that it’s a great little game and great fun with friends online, but not without its faults. But for a game that is 90% multiplayer, how does it stand up today now that […]

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  • Review: Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Review: Battlefield Bad Company 2

    You look up this game on any website or gaming magazine and they all have the same conclusion. There needs to be more pink and the princess needs to carry less grenades while at the same time talking too much to strangers, makes sense?! If not then they probably said this, “This is a kick […]

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  • The World of PSN Home

    The World of PSN Home

    The PSN was the first gaming network that I set up with my credit card and haven’t looked back since. It has a lot to offer and has a lot of nonsense, but the details of what you can get varies from country to country. What seems to remain constant across all PSN networks is […]

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  • Growing Up Gamer

    Growing Up Gamer

    A little introduction for everyone here at Gameolio. By no means am I an expert in games, I don’t have inside information, I am not a critic with a degree in Journalism. What I am is a guy who likes to play games in his spare time. When I can find spare time that is. […]

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