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  • Review: Mass Effect 2

    Review: Mass Effect 2

    One of the most, if not the most, anticipated games for 2010 is Mass Effect 2. Fans who had played the first installment, and also newcomers to the world of Mass Effect had eagerly awaited for the release date of January 26th. Today we look at Mass Effect 2 and hopefully answer some tough questions. […]

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  • Review: Dragon Age – Origins

    Review: Dragon Age – Origins

    Having some much deserved time off from work over the Christmas break has allowed me to catch up on playing a lot of missed games, and one of those games was Dragon Age – Origins. Bioware, who do not believe in holidays, have been very busy as of late, working on some big-name games including […]

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  • Preview: Mass Effect 2

    Preview: Mass Effect 2

    BioWare have been in the business of creating RPGs for quite some time, and they have developed a knack for creating grand scale stories and highly detailed in-depth games that never fail to amaze. Mass Effect is undoubtedly one of their top releases, sharing success on both the Xbox 360 and later on the PC […]

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