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  • Batman: Arkham City Launch Trailer

    Batman: Arkham City Launch Trailer

    With the absolute brilliance of Arkham Asylum, I have been totally excited for the release of it’s sequel. Thankfully it is almost here and with that we have a launch trailer to look over. Batman: Arkham City will be available nationally from Wednesday 19th October.

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  • Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Announces Batman: Arkham City

    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Announces Batman: Arkham City

    Finally, news of the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum is upon us. While it has been known for quite some time that the game was indeed coming to smack you in the face, we didn’t have an  official title until now. Press release below as per Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment: SYDNEY, Australia – Aug. 6, […]

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  • Review: Batman Arkham Asylum

    Review: Batman Arkham Asylum

    I am not the biggest fan of the game camera or occasionally having to manually position it – apart from that, it’s a great game. Download the demo atleast. In all seriousness I could just leave the review at that. In not being a fan of the ‘camera work’ (it’s really the only thing I […]

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  • Preview: Batman Arkham Asylum

    Preview: Batman Arkham Asylum

    Boots, cape and underpants on top are GO! Batman launch! Without a doubt Batman is my most favourite of all comic book characters, as a result I was terrified when I learnt of the latest Batman game. Hoping and praying to everything that is good in this world that this would not get totally messed […]

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