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  • Tales of Graces f Review (PS3)

    Tales of Graces f Review (PS3)

    Tales of Graces f is the 12th main title in the Tales series (although some might not count Tales of Legendia and Tales of Innocence as part of them as they were not developed by the Tales Studio). Despite having such a long history, for some reason this JRPG series from Bandai Namco has never […]

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  • NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Review (PS3)

    NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Review (PS3)

    As far as NBA games go, there are few, if any, that can claim to provide that same over-the-top basketball experience as EA’s downloadable sequel to last years NBA Jam, NBA JAM: On Fire Edition. Containing enough different modes and challenges, and an extremely enjoyable multi-player contest, NBA Jam: On Fire Edition provides enough entertainment, […]

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  • Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Review (PS3)

    Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Review (PS3)

    Once upon a time, there was a rogue who was raised by animals after a prosperous kingdom perished. Guided by the voice of his animal companions, he arrived at an ancient ruin looking for treasures. Little did he know that this fateful encounter is just the beginning of an exciting journey ahead. The premise of […]

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  • Homefront Review (Xbox 360)

    Homefront Review (Xbox 360)

    ‘Home is where the war is’ – welcome to the US, and potentially your own backyard, as you take up arms to fight against a new kind of invading force. The concept of an invasion on home soil isn’t new but it typically takes the form of an alien force. This time around your enemy […]

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  • PS3 Review: Gran Turismo 5

    PS3 Review: Gran Turismo 5

    In the year 1997 the developers Polyphony Digital created a racing simulator called Gran Turismo, which married a traditional racing game with the addition of variables such as fuel consumption, tire types and suspension and engine tuning. The result is arguably one of the most influential series of racing games ever to be released, having […]

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