Syndicate Is Back!

Machine gunning, futuristic, ninja man!

One of those games from the days of way back, that always stood out amongst the sea of mediocrity, was a little game that seemingly burst out of nowhere in the form of Bullfrog Productions’ Syndicate. Through an isometric top-down perspective the player controls four cyborg agents through various missions. From my flaky memory, it mostly involves killing, assassination and blowing things up. I am sure that there was so much more going on at the time, but I was a little lad and that wasn’t what stuck with me throughout all these years.

The environment and city areas did, however, have a large impact on me and have always enjoyed that cyber-punk setting in any game set against that background. From what I have seen so far from Starbreeze’s resurrection of the game, that looks set to continue – albeit from the first person view. Now the FPS approach doesn’t bother me in the slightest and if anything I am only more interested in seeing this title in action. Furthermore, the fact that the new Syndicate will feature co-op play (up to 4 players) only enhances the need to try this game.

Other fun facts about the upcoming remake is that you will be able to hack into your enemies via the DART 6 bio-chip, that is implanted in your characters noggin. It seems that this system can be upgraded as you progress in what can only result in more strategic and interesting ways of taking foes down. Other uses will be to slow down time and see through walls. Slowing down time is fairly commonplace, but seeing through walls could provide for some interesting strategies when going against a sizable force.

Starbreeze’s remake of Syndicate is currently slated for a February 23rd 2012 release date in Australia on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. In the meantime I have included a series of pictures (below) that have been released since the game’s announcement. Enjoy!

Single Player Screenshots

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Co-Op Screenshots

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