PC: Quake Live

Do you have an itch to frag something in the middle of the night? Too tired to wait for CSS to fire up on your ageing computer? Want to go back to a time when everything was simple to interact with and it was all about pure skill and not how many buttons you can press to use some sort of super power that you have saved up? Well allow me to suggestively wink at you, nod my head slightly and raise my eyebrow, all of which will obviously indicate to you that I know of such a game.

Quake Live my friends, a game of the ages presented to you online and ready to fire up via their site. Essentially the game your playing is Quake 3 Arena with perhaps a bit of fine tuning and slight modification to suit the web browser format.

I gave it a shot over the weekend and found it to be some of the best casual gaming goodness I have had in awhile. Quake 3 Arena had always been a favourite, it was quick and easy to get into and provided for hours of entertainment back in the day. Jumping into Quake Live it felt like I was back at home, getting my butt handed to me just as many times as it was back then to be honest, but having a good old time watching it happen.

Oh and just in case your not sold, the experience will cost you exactly zero dollars. I decent sum of cash that I am sure you will agree on. So, if your up for some fraggin’ fun then fire up your browser (Google Chrome wasn’t supported at the time of play) and point it at Quake Live.com

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