Spotlight: Pure Pwnage

Perhaps you’ve missed it, perhaps you’ve never noticed it, perhaps you’ve never even heard of it. Madness I tells you, however, Pure Pwnage is one of those Internet sensations that works. By works I mean it hits all the right levels for most of any gamer out there. It’s entertaining, hilarious and down-right fun to watch.

The basic premise is one of a gamer, Jeremy, who is beyond ‘uber’, and if you forget that he’ll remind you each and every episode. Jeremy, or The Pwnerer as he is known in the gaming world, is followed about by his brother Kyle in an attempt to document the daily life and going ons of a ‘pro gamer’.

Pure Pwnage has been on the Internets for quite some time now and with two seasons and some short films to ponder over, for free, it’s a great way to entertain yourself between death matches and raiding.

Give it a go, I promise that you won’t be disappointed! Oh, and witness the power of the Doug character in the second clip below :)

Pure Pwnage Website:

– Dan

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