Shoot Many Robots Review (XBLA)

Send the cogs flying!

Now in case anyone was in any doubt at all, this game involves shooting many robots, I almost feel as though there should be a message in the credits to say that no actual robots were harmed in the making of this game and when you play it you’ll see what I mean.

Shoot Many Robots is a 4-player co-op, side scrolling action shooter developed by Demiurge and distributed by Ubisoft. The game revolves around your character P. Walter Tugnut, who is on a mission to destroy as many robots as he can. His base of operations is his trailer where you can see a map showing the different levels and degrees of difficulty, also (in his shower) is an array of clothing and weaponry that you have at your disposal. There is also the opportunity to upgrade as you progress through the levels and accumulate nuts that are dropped by the robots you destroy.

As well as a variety of weapons, there are also items of clothing including hats, shirts and trousers. These can all have an effect on Tugnut, I chose a nine gallon hat just because I think it looked cool! But there are also things to help you carry more beer or to make your beer last longer. You see, your stamina and health are governed by how much beer you have in your system, so as you take hits, this level goes down but you can replenish it with three other bottles that you carry with you. At various points along the level, you can also restock your supply of both beer and ammo. This is a nice change from the normal power-ups that you find, this may not totally be in keeping with those who lobby against alcohol used in this way, but this game isn’t really supposed to be representing a real situation.

You will need to keep your stocks of both beer and ammo up for this game though as the robots come at you thick and fast, there are small, chainsaw waving robots that are easily killed with a quick blast or punches (yes punches, this guy is hard!) There are also robots of increasing size and ability including ones that fire rounds that you can bat back using your gun. At the end of each level you meet a ‘boss’ robot who is usually a massive missile shooting beast that will take skill and dexterity to defeat.

All this is highly entertaining and quite addictive, there are a few little bugs in the system though, there are reports of the robots getting stuck in their animation loop but I didn’t experience this myself. I did however fall into a problem on one of the levels, after trying to jump a gap between buildings missed and fell.  I found my character falling below the floor to a strange purple screen and no matter what I did I was not able to move. I needed to re-start the level in order to clear the problem, but this only happened on one occasion and I have not had any further problems.

This is a minor problem though, in the most part, the graphics are clean and detailed with a cartoon-like style to the animation. I think  Shoot Many Robots lends itself well to the side-scrolling style as well, there is plenty going on and you are not limited to ground level fighting as you can climb over buildings and pipes to give you the advantage of higher ground.

One of the main selling points though has got to be the on-line multi-player feature which allows you to invite up to three of your friends to battle the robots at your side. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to test this out, but I’ve read many comments that say this is a very good feature. I can imagine the amount of fun that can be had if you were able to include your friends in the brawl.

Overall Shoot Many Robots is a very entertaining game indeed, It doesn’t take itself too seriously and really is the kind of game that you can pick up and play when you feel the need to let off a bit of steam. There are a couple of little bugs but they don’t really detract from the game play and if you can forgive those little things then you will certainly be able to enjoy some rip roaring carnage.

Shoot Many Robots is available now on Xbox LIVE Arcade and the Playstation Network.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

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