Sam Raimi + Warcraft Movie = ?

So at some point today Blizzard dropped the bomb.
Sam Raimi will direct the ever talked about Warcraft movie.
I’ve been keeping tabs on the development of this movie, with the sketchy information that crept out of Blizzcon’s and other events. It seemed distant and nearly every instance and then months would roll by without a whisper. But with this announcement perhaps there will be some light at the end of the tunnel?
Let’s not forget that Bungie also had Peter Jackson on board (in some capacity) to get an adaptation of Halo onto the silver screen but kinda fell to the side like. Hopefully that idea gets resurrected and Jackson/Bungie can pull something out special.
Meanwhile, Warcraft… what can I say, Raimi has a decent record. Certainly capable to bring about something special and he has quite a lot of lore and source material to choose from in the Warcraft series. Hard to see how he could go wrong.
I hope he can keep it to the tune and style of some of his more favourable movie entries less a potential dancing self destructive Lich King. Wish him all the best of luck and let’s see what he can do with the favoured MMO.

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