RPG! RPG! Podcast 10: Fricken Dragon Boat

RPG! RPG! Podcast 10: Fricken Dragon Boat Welcome to the RPG! RPG! Podcast, featuring Ai-Phuong and Haven. The show is concerned with with the ancient art of role-playing (game) and the hosts vow to take you on a journey across lands both familiar and perhaps undiscovered. So, kick back and feel free to join in the discussion below as the pair discuss JRPGs, Western RPGs, MMORPGs and anything else with distinct traces of RPG in it’s variants and assorted flavours.

Phuong and Haven are back! Chatting with Dan, from Gameolio, about World of Warcraft and then working into a discussion on Final Fantasy 14, Dragon Age Inquisition, Persona, Zelda and more!

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Special thank you to Dan-O for providing awesome music from his website: http://www.danosongs.com.

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