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I was not expecting this.

A couple days ago I was informed, by my informed brother-in-law, about a Diablo styled clone called Torchlight. At first I entertained the idea and took a peak at their site. There was a little bit here and there but nothing too much to catch my interest until I learnt that the music in game is by the same person whom dropped down the epic music from both Diablo games as well as the bulk of the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade music – Matt Uelmen – reason enough for me, as a fan of his music, to take a little more interest in this offering.

At such a bargain price ($19.95 USD via their website) it is too difficult to resist and so it began. The game itself is everything you would expect, playing a Diablo styled game. There is the isometric perspective, the skill bar, the health and mana balls. Now there is even the music, all the pieces are in play and with so many people starving for the next¬†Diablo, the release of this game couldn’t come at a better time.

You start by selecting a class – Alchemist, Destroyer or Vanquisher – of which I chose the destroyer character. As of yet I hadn’t had the chance to try any of the other two, nor do I really want to. Personal preference, any game I’ve played that has the warrior styled class to offer, I choose it without hesitation. There must be some sort of comfort in that class or deep psychological issues to explore, but I digress.

Welcome to Torchlight – there I am walking about happy as anything and notice a little pet by my side. Not only will this little critter help lay some damage down on enemies but it comes complete with it’s bag and offers to complete the most mundane of tasks: running back to town and selling my big fat loot to the closest trader. How handy is that? So with pet by my side we leave the town of Torchlight to enter the depths below.

Stepping into the ‘dungeon’ sect of Torchlight brought back a flood of good memories. The point and click adventure begins and the enemies are happy to have you click them to death. What you will witness is lots of clicking, plenty of loot, hordes of enemies, boss fights and various traps. That is really it, there isn’t too much else to add as you will literally be progressing further and coming across more of the same. Mixed in with the dungeon running are quests for various folk above ground back at Torchlight – mostly fighting along till you stumble upon their quest item. All good and well and helpful it allowing you to level a tad quicker and beefing up your character in typical RPG fashion.

Graphically the game does look nice, and those who have experienced World of Warcraft or Warcraft 3 will notice similarities in style. While nothing new, the style and art direction are consistent throughout.

The sound of the game was one of my biggest draw cards, particularly because of Matt Uelmen’s involvement. For what it is, it’s a good scoring of the game. You have about 40 minutes of music created by Uelmen and quite nifty I must add. I enjoyed the tracks so much I added it to my playlist, I only wish that there was another hour of original music or so as the game can go for between 10 and 15 hours in playtime.

All in all Torchlight is good at what it does and delivers perfectly for the price tag. It is simple to jump into and fantastic as a casual game. The controls are literally point and click with a skill bar and couple hot keys if you feel like using your keyboard somewhat. It is the type of game I could easily see becoming a winner on a console if available via their Internet market places and download areas. At the moment it is a PC game, only, without multi-player functionality. However the company, Runic Games, who are responsible for Torchlight promise that a massively multi-player online game is in the works and their release of Torchlight is here to help introduce us all to their new world. I for one am very keen to see what eventuates from this. In the meantime, give this game a whirl.


– Dan

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