Review: RE5 Desperate Escape

Latest DLC was released recently, and having just played through the first offering I went straight to business with the second.

Pretty lights

Starting after the Jill Valentine / Wesker confrontation you take control of Jill, and with the help of Sheva’s buddy Josh, you attempt to escape the facility. What ensues is a bullet bonanza as you move from section to section fighting your way from end to end. While the first DLC preferred to reflect on the Resident Evil‘s of old this chapter thrusts you straight into the action and keeps pushing you forward as scores of enemies continually pursue the escapees.


The madness lasted a good hour for myself, I did pause the game for a length of time and was unsure if this added to the play-time or not, but one hour sounds about right either way. Like the DLC before it, after completing the game you will have access to playing the scenario through with your partner (in this case, Josh).

There is little more to say other then the ending can be likened to a Left 4 Dead conclusion, and in it’s own-right is quite fun. The DLC cost 400 Microsoft Points and in my opinion is worth the investment for just a tad more Resident Evil 5 goodness.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆


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