DS Review: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

I’m going to be pretty brief, there isn’t much to say about this game, at least for me. I haven’t finished it. Not that I haven’t had time to play, just I don’t really want to play it. I don’t know exactly how far I’ve gotten into it, maybe about half way, maybe less, but it’s lost my interest. And it has a confusing name to read! It’s ‘Kingdom Hearts 3-5-8 Days over 2’.

Okay, into specifics! If you haven’t heard of Kingdom Hearts before, it’s a collaborative game between Square Enix and Disney, has an epic storyline, heaps of characters from both the Disney-verse and Squeenix-verse, as well as some original ones. I was obsessed with Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 ages ago, but not anymore – it might be the reason why I didn’t really get into 358/2 Days .

This game delves more into the character of Roxas from Kingdom Hearts 2 who only had short screen time, but was one of the most important characters of the game. You control Roxas throughout 358/2 Days with some backup from other familiar secondary characters from the game series and also a new one.

I can’t say much more without spoiling something from the game series, but you can play 358/2 Days without too much knowledge of the previous games as there are explanations of characters and plot as you play and encounter people. However I’m not sure if it would be enough to keep your interest – like I mentioned before I used to be into the Kingdom Hearts series, but not so much anymore and 358/2 Days ended up pretty boring for me. I’ll admit, I cheated and went to Wikipedia for a summary of what happens at the end instead of playing all the way through.

While story bored me to tears and felt like a whole bunch of fan-service of character screen time, I liked the game play. It was even and easy to understand and control. You customize Roxas using a panel accessed from the main menu, with magic and items generally taking up a slot, with some equipment taking up 4 or so. You can also choose what level Roxas is at, as each level you gain forms a ‘Lv’ panel. Equipping one panel equals one level up. The game advances in the forms of missions. You talk to a guy and finish the key missions to advance the story. There are lots of side quests and missions, but they’re all generally the same, but in different environments. There are also challenges you can take on the missions to make it more difficult if you find them too easy, but again, they follow a similar pattern (shorter time, more/harder enemies, etc).

The graphics are great for a 3D game on DS and the supporting illustrations for the game by Tetsuya Nomura are once again superb. Most of the music is reused from the previous games, but I loved those soundtracks, so it’s cool.

That actually about covers Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for me. I guess if you’re curious, borrow it off someone to play for a bit. If you’re a hardcore Kingdom Hearts fan then you might enjoy this game more than others, but I think this is a pretty average game. Otherwise you can just do what I did and read the plot summary on Wikipedia.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

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