PSP Review: Fat Princess – Fistful of Cake

There isn’t much to the Fat Princess game, not to say it isn’t fun, oh no – at least in the multiplayer aspect. Fat Princess is a downloadable game for the PlayStation Network (Fistful of Cake is a PSP port), which involves you having to save a princess from the other castle. The two teams you can be on are red or blue and there are different classes your avatar can switch between to suit the changing conditions of the game you’re in. The graphics are really simple, cartoony and bright.

Hilarious story time! I played this game with a friend of mine on a near-two-hour train trip that we do every day. We catch this train quite early in the morning, so everyone in the carriage is very sleepy and quiet. I’m pretty sure the day we played Fat Princess, the entire carriage was awake for the whole trip as my friend and I were yelling ‘ARGH THE ENEMY HAS THE PRINCESS!’, ‘FEED THE PRINCESS MORE CAKE!’ and various well timed phrases of ‘GET TO DA CHOPPAH’ and ‘NOO DYLAN!’, etc.¬† We tried to be quiet, but it was kind of hard, we really got into it.


As I mentioned before, the basic gameplay goal is to save/protect your Princess from being kidnapped by the enemy. You can feed your princess pieces of cake found all over the maps to make her fat and heavy and therefore harder to carry back to either base. While it gives you time to save your princess, you’ve also got to be careful because it takes time for you take her back home as well. As time goes by, the princess get skinnier, so you have to keep feeding her cake. That’s just the default gameplay goal though. There are other modes that have different goals like ‘Jailbreak’ where you have to capture bases on the map to bolster your forces and overtake the enemy bases.

Blue Team is getting slaughtered...

The Blue Team is getting slaughtered.

The six classes you can be are pretty much exactly as they’re named: Worker, Warrior, Mage, Priest, Ranger and the default Villager class. The Villager class doesn’t do anything and you also go back to this class every time you respawn. You change classes by picking up different types of hats from the machines that spit them out, that lay in your base, or if you pick up the hat you enemy leaves behind when you kill them. ¬†Workers can collect materials needed to upgrade stuff, Warriors have the highest HP (health points) and attack, Mages have magic attacks that leave effects (fire burns away HP slowly, ice slows down the enemy), Priests heal and Rangers have ranged attacks. Each class also has an advanced job stage after they’re upgraded which allow better attacks and different skills and players are able to switch between the normal and advanced job to suit their tastes. For example, the Worker can collect materials and has a weak attack in its basic job stage, the advanced job allows the Worker to throw bombs and have a much more effective attack, but can’t collect any materials – so you switch between them to suit the changing conditions of the game.

Just because they respawn after 5 seconds, doesn't mean they don't feel pain...

This game is pretty fun as a multiplayer. Single player is probably good for getting the hang of the game. What annoyed me was that the tutorial to learn how to play the game was a list of stuff you had to read. That pretty much put me off playing the game the first time. The second time was when I played with my friend and we ran around the map not knowing what the hell we had to do, but learned on the fly. It’s not a hard game to play and anyone can enjoy it, I just really dislike games where you have to learn how to play by reading a list of stuff. Argh!

Overall, this game is fun if you play with someone or as a group, otherwise on your own it might be kind of mundane and boring – at least it was for me. However I will give the people who designed the game props for adding in Internet memes. I didn’t expect my little guy to say ‘all your base are belong to us!’ when I captured a base or yell ‘head shot!’ when the enemy exploded from a Worker’s bomb. I found it kind of cute!

Single Player – Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

Multiplayer – Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

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