Review: Battlefield Bad Company 2

You look up this game on any website or gaming magazine and they all have the same conclusion. There needs to be more pink and the princess needs to carry less grenades while at the same time talking too much to strangers, makes sense?! If not then they probably said this, “This is a kick ass FPS”. So I won’t bore you with the basic details, like the game plays like a dream with tight controls, but more of what this game is about and my own experience with the game and a still on going multiplayer experience.

The single player campaign is good, not great, but good enough. If I paid full price just for the single player campaign then I would have been greatly disappointed. In my opinion, Killzone 2 single player campaign is one of the best out there. On the hardest setting with Killzone 2, you got to pick your shots and move ahead with caution. With BFBC2 on the hardest setting, I went through it in a breeze. Still good, but there are better ones out there. Honestly after going single player campaign once and getting all the trophies I don’t think I will ever go back to it again.

Spoiler: At some point in the game you get to play a level where you are racing on ATV’s and they make it kind of a race. One of your team mates says, “If this was snowmobiles, I could kick your ass” to which the other guy replies, “Snowmobiles are for sissys”. I am thinking that this is a stab at Modern Warfare 2 and its snowmobile level. I got a chuckle outta that, but I grew up on snow mobiles and I assure you, they aren’t for sissies. End Spoiler.

The money is all in the multiplayer, it is here where the meat of the game is. A great and long leveling up system with four different classes. They are assault, engineer, recon and the medic – each with its own special set of weapons and perks.

Connecting to a online game was simple and fast with no delay and I had one game where the lag really hindered game play so much that I had to quit and try a different game. But for the most part, it was a solid online connection with great communication between players when and if they wanted to talk .

I played all the classes and decided to start with the Engineer first. He just doesn’t have a strong selection of weapons and perks from the start. But after you level him up he gets some pretty kick ass weaponry.

By far the most annoying friggen class in the game is Recon (sniper). If you are playing a level where four-five  people are playing are snipers on the other team and its a open level, it makes your life a living hell. Even more so when they get the ability to sit on a mountain across the level and zoom in on a position and call in mortar strikes.

The most satisfying experience was myself getting killed eight times in a row by fricken snipers. Then I finally make it past and behind their lines, I get on top of the roof where all three of them were lazily sitting up there and knife them all in the back of the head. THAT ALONE was worth getting shot over and over again.

I also hinder a friend whom I was playing with. He was playing as a sniper and he was on an island racking up the kills. So when the level progressed and everyone moved forward, I went back to pick him up in a boat to bring him to the next check point. So I thought I’d take a short cut around this island not realizing that it was out of bounds. When this happens you get a clock telling you to return to area in ten seconds or you die.

Well I went in this area, the warning came up and said, “oh crap!” turned around and not being able to see what’s in my peripheral I got the boat stuck up on a rock. Unable to move, our only option was to jump out and try to swim back within bounds in five seconds. Needless to say I had ended his killing streak and he wasn’t too happy. I laughed my ass off but did feel bad, I think so anyway.

And as disturbing as that may sound, its those type of scenarios that make Battlefield Bad Company 2 enjoyable. Playing with friends in a squad is a whole different game again. A team of four are able to run the battlefield if you have four people talking to each other and the exact opposite if your playing on a team where people aren’t talking. More often than not, that team will lose. A little communication goes along way.

I’ve completed the single player campaign on hard and got to rank 11 on multiplayer out of 22. I am still enjoying the game and it’s even more fun with friends. I play as much as I can and I recommend that if you play online that you play with friends in a squad. The most fun you can have on a video game this year with friends. I don’t normally give scores on games, but if I had too, then I would give this one a 7/10 on the single player and a 10/10 on the multiplayer.

Single Player Campaign – Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
Multiplayer – Rating: ★★★★★★★★★★

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