Reckoning: Teeth of Naros DLC Review (PS3)

Teeth of Naros is the latest DLC for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning adding another, completely new, area to the world.

You continue to play as your fateless hero in this DLC. Once installed, there will be a new quest available notifying you that someone needs to put together a crew to investigate a place that was once believed to be a land of myth. Of course it’s not long after you set off for the expedition that you are on your own again. In this new world, you meet the Kollossae – picture a tribe that resembles ancient Greek sculptures come to life. They are known as the ‘giants’ according to journals and they are, indeed, huge. However, in the world of Reckoning size does not matter at all. As the only outsider being able to make it there they see you as their new Beckoned from the Goddess, and of course they totally look up to you to solve their numerous problems – great.

The story of the Kollossae is interesting enough to keep you motivated and discover the root of their issues. Side quests are a standard fetch this and kill that affair.  You do get the chance to fight some new monsters however, and the members of the new tribe who went rogue as the Marauders. However, it seems that is about it.

The story of this DLC is not bad. However, it lacks the urgency and immediacy that the the last DLC, Legend of Dead Kel, offered. Dead Kel strands you on an island to fend for your own survival and features people on that have their own agenda, making things a lot more interesting. The Kollossae, while greatly crafted and designed, are just an honest and sometimes angry bunch who don’t seem to handle the reality that they are not isolated from the world’s problems too well. During the play-through I often wondered how a tribe, that was created by the Goddess as guardians of the land, had descended to such a stage. But then this is something you need to find out through the stories. Also, unlike the Legend of Dead Kel you can leave this new floating continent any time you want during the play-through, which in my opinion can be dangerous in shifting focus off the new content.

The concept of this floating land opens up a lot of new opportunities for the location designers and they certainly did deliver. They surely have mastered the technology as the environment has reached a new level of detail, which is a joy to experience. You also gain a new set of magic called Primo Magic, which can be activated by gear you obtained. Gameplay wise, there isn’t a lot of new here.

The biggest disappointment for me is the bug and frame rate issues that I experienced. There was one boss fight, that once you were thrown into a certain corner, there was no way for you to leave that corner and I had to restart the battle twice to avoid unnecessary demise. Also there were many occasions that, when I was roaming around this new beautifully landscaped area, the graphics staggered quite significantly before returning to normal. I don’t know whether this is an issue limited to my own hardware or that there is just too much to process being processed.

Nonetheless, despite all these issues Teeth of Naros is still an interesting addition to the world of Reckoning.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

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