PSP2/NGP Thoughts

Ooookay, so the new portable entertainment system from Sony has been announced. It doesn’t have a name yet, it’s codename is ‘NGP’ – Next Generation Portable and should be out at the end of this year. Now, I’m just going to say it, I am excited for this thing and what it can possibly do for portable gaming. It’s sporting PS3 like graphics and a whole BUNCH of other fun features! It’s like it’s got EVERYTHING.

Wait, wait, it HAS got everything. Everything the PSP had, plus touchscreen, six-axis sensors, microphone, camera, GPS, Wi-Fi, Android game app capability. If that wasn’t enough there’s a touchpad at the back AND another camera and more?!  It’s like they took a PS3 controller, cut it in half, stuck two smart phones back to back and stuck that in the middle. And somehow incorporated PS3 graphics in THAT digital mess.

So readers, allow me to give my thoughts on the features one by one:

Stunning OLED and Revolutionary User Interface:
OLED stands for ‘organic light emitting display’ which I guess in layman’s terms means “This screen is high tech and makes our ‘business’ look even more awesome”. The revolutionary user interface includes, two cameras (and at the front and one at the back), three motion sensors, accelerometer, GPS and, wait for it, TWO TOUCHHPADS. Well a touchscreen and a touch pad. Because one isn’t enough. There’s one at the front and one at the back.

Please Sony, make sure the touch area isn’t so big it’s annoying or so small that people with small hands can’t reach it and make it so we can turn it off maybe. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sure just from the way I hold the PSP I touch the back. I will rage quit so fast if the touch pad area at the back is big enough for me to accidentally touch it.

Although, the idea of having the two touch pads is actually ‘three dimension-like motion’, which I guess is cool IF game developers design a game which uses this feature properly.

Super Oval Design and Dual Analog Sticks:
Do you own a PS3? This feature is just a PS3 controller. You have two analog sticks. They’re round. End of story. I guess I can also add in this section the six-axis sensors, meaning things will react when you tilt the NGP. Cool. NGP Doodle Jump anyone?

LiveArea™ :
Ok, so if I have researched correctly, LiveArea works through PSN and allows users to connect and access and share information on games from Sony Computer Entertainment and 3rd party developers. You can also view achievements and accomplishments thorough activity logs from other users who are playing the same game as you. So… It’s just PSN? But called LiveArea for NGP?

Near is basically an application that’s pre-installed which lets you know what your friends in the vicinity are playing now or what they were playing recently. I’m guessing this thing is going to have a ‘friend’s list’ because apparently you can meet your friends and new friends through Near by sharing your game information. Near could be NGP’s Facebook. Grand.

New Game Medium :
Now this one is interesting, the NGP uses a small flash memory based card to store games. Apparently it can store full software titles and their add-on game content (oh yay, DLC…) and save. According to what I’ve read, we should be able to buy bigger flash cards later. Oh joy, I can see it now, the card that comes with NGP will be able to store like three games and you have to fork out cash for one that can store ten. I’m also interested to see how you acquire these games then. If we have to download them through LiveArea/PSN, how big are these downloads going to be?!

­PlayStation®Suite (PS Suite):
Basically NGP not only lets you play big software title games, but will let you play mobile games as well. Whatever game content is released for Android will probably be able to be played on NGP too. This means casual gamers also have a reason to buy an NGP, and then they can use their phone as an actual phone! Oh Sony you innovative people, always thinking of the masses.

Okay so those are it’s features. I think all it’s missing is a flame thrower. It has everything else. It also just looks like a PSP.I think this portable gaming system is really going to give a chance for game developers a chance to prove that interactive gaming doesn’t have to gimmicky like most are.I’m also interested to see if this thing doesn’t catch on fire when I load up a game or if the battery doesn’t die after five minutes from the sheer amount of stuff technology it has to power.

If it sounds like I’m griping, I kind of am, but I still want one!

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